Our Software

Our CampaignManager software suite is a versatile content distribution and remote management platform that can be used by virtually every industry. It's easy to use while providing enterprise level tools and scalability.

Offering a single platform to distribute, schedule and manage multimedia content to our global Ad Display Networks. As well as your own private screens and devices.

  CampaignManager is compatible with all common media formats.
  Has one of the most powerful scheduling engines available.
  Designed for advanced monitoring, remote management and preemptive action tools.
  Sophisticated layers of security to protect your devices from intruders.

Innovative features include:

Local screen content control via mobile APP, multiple "zones" on one screen, monitor user interactivity with mobile devices, built-in QR Code integration, Support for Touch Screens, On Demand and Dynamic Data driven content, XML, RSS and Social Media feeds. Full version up-to-date web browser rendering engines.

Content Deployment – Integrate live or pre-made content into a full screen or any sized zone of any digital display. It offers a single platform for any organization to control and manage Digital Signage Content, Devices, Sensors, Cameras for Signage, Audio, and Screensaver networks.

  Content Solutions

  Multi Content Zoning - Display different content in up to three zones.

  Live Content Deployment - Integrate live television or streaming content into a full screen or zone of any digital display.

  Wayfinding Signage - Help your guests and staff navigate through your event or booth with directional signage.

  Directories and Calendars - Share directories, calendars, and schedules to keep your guests informed.

  Social Media Integration - Stream your YouTube content or integrate prefiltered content from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

  AI Targeting - Build, train, and deploy personalized content based on demographics or logos.

  Sponsored Advertising Opportunities - Monetize your digital displays through cooperative advertising and brand sponsorships.

  Interactive experiences - Photobooth and Branded Game solutions to assist with capturing leads and creating excitement!