Digital Out-of-Home Markets:

Our teams share their installation experiences and guide you how and where to place your ads and devices for the best results.

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  Automotive – Whether your customer is waiting for a service to be completed or shopping for a new car, you can enhance their experience and deliver your marketing content through AdToScreen’s suite of exciting digital hardware and software solutions. Improve the check-in process and allow your patrons to search through inventory on touch screen kiosks, entertain them with dynamic video content, provide cellphone and sanitizing solutions to improve their experience.

  Banks – Greet your customers and employees with engaging interactive digital signage, video walls and sanitizing stations. Advertise your lending and money management solutions on dynamic digital displays. Provide cellphone charging stations that deliver your marketing message while your customers wait.

  Convenience Stores – Deliver engaging marketing content through overhead and in aisle digital displays. Collect consumer analytics while providing a hands-free sanitizing solution with our Digital Sanitizing Pro.

  Education – Greet your students and guests with dynamic informative digital displays, promote upcoming events, menu boards, assist staff and students with wayfinding signage. Incorporate digital signage projects into your marketing and advertising curriculum while providing cellphone charging and sanitizing solutions.

  Gyms and Fitness Centers – Greet your members with dynamic digital displays, class schedules, work out ideas, menu boards, and wayfinding signage while providing cellphone charging and sanitizing solutions.

  Government – Improve employee and visitor experiences with informative digital displays, video walls, wayfinding signage, directories, upcoming events, and election information while providing a sanitizing solution.

  Healthcare - Greet your patients with dynamic, informative digital displays, improve the check in process with touchscreen kiosks and wayfinding signage. Enhance their experience with cellphone charging and hand sanitizing solutions.

  Hospitality – Greet your guests with engaging digital signage, cellphone charging stations, sanitizing stations, and video walls. Speed up the check in process with interactive kiosks, enhance their experience with wayfinding signage, promote upcoming events, and create interactive experiences with branded photo booths.

  Restaurants, Bars, and Nightlife – Greet your customers with dynamic digital displays, digital sanitizing stations, and menu boards. Promote upcoming events , dinner, and drink specials, and increase dwell time and average ticket prices with our digital cellphone charging hubs. AdToScreen’s suite of exciting hardware and software solutions allow you to upload and time the delivery of your marketing message.

  Retail - Greet your customers with dynamic digital displays, touchscreen kiosks, video walls, digital interactive circulars, breakroom displays, in aisle displays, and menu boards while collecting valuable consumer analytics. Promote upcoming events, sale items, employment opportunities, and charitable partnerships.

  Senior Living Facilities – Improve your residents, staff, and visitors experience with dynamic digital displays, wayfinding signage, menu boards, digital cellphone charging, and sanitizing solutions. Promote upcoming events, share photos and video of past events.

  Sports and Entertainment Venues - Enhance your guest and staff's experience with dynamic digital displays, video walls, wayfinding signage, digital cellphone charging and sanitizing solutions.