Effortless Management

A powerful yet easy to use Content Management System that gives you the ability to centrally control and monitor every screen on your network.

Our Content Management System (CMS) is the command center for all of your digital signage management. We offer an award winning CMS which allows you to upload and display any media files of your choice (such as web pages, videos and images) on all of our OneStone devices and your own established screens as well. We will help you create playlists for displaying your content in any order you like. Create complex screen layouts using zones for the media files you upload to our cloud servers. Additionally, it offers you the ability to schedule content and manage your screens, no matter where they are. 

Our CMS shows extensive details from each device including device status, download rates, usage analytics and more. From device monitoring to managing and improving user experiences, our tools help you quickly identify issues in your environment and resolve them in an instant.

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