Digital Displays / Table Top Hub / Black

OneStone Hub WIFI – Digital Advertiser Phone Charger withDual 7″ HD LCD Plus WIFI Content Control Use all day, Recharge each night, Never be without power!

  Digital Charging Hubs – White and Black
Digital Advertiser | Phone Charger | Dual displays

  • DUAL 7” HD Screens (600 x 1024 Pixels)
  • White or Black Casing
  • 40k mAh High Capacity Lithium Batteries
    – Charge 40+ Phones*
  • Continuously Loop Images and Video (Multiple Formats)
  • Cloud Based Wifi Content Control (Remote Uploads)
  • Charge Multiple Devices with Two Built-in Cables
    + 2 USB Ports
  • Fast Recharge
*Will charge 40+ Phones/Day while running Dual screens

  Weight: N/A
  Dimensions: N/A
  Battery: 40,000 mAh