AdToScreen™ will take your vision and make it a Digital Reality!

AdToScreen's exciting combination of hardware and software allow you to upload and time the delivery of your message, from one device or thousands of devices in real time!

  Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

Engage with consumers precisely where they live, work, play, and relax.

As one of the most impactful mediums Out-of-Home Advertising reaches the widest audience at once with big, bold and beautiful messaging.

Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) enhances billboards, posters and any signage with new technologies, enabling invaluable new features between the ad and its viewers. Power to remote control campaigns, real-time bidding for ad time on physical billboards, specific targeting of audiences and beyond.

Your Ads on your Screens

The advertising game has changed completely. No longer are you forced to rent expensive space on someone else's real estate. Our goal is to put you in control and guide the way.

Partnering with OneStone™ allows us to provide devices to you directly for less. Utilize their private marketplace to place your Ads with minimal investment.

It's time for you to own your own.

HD Audio & Video ● Live Web

Providing the hardware and software solutions you need to impress and entertain your audience. Our devices can play it all!

Fully functional web portals or custom app installations allows you to share any UI/UX of your choice.

From powerful still imagery to vibrant 4k video playback with quality audio, the choice is yours.

Remotely control your content

Our award winning Content Management System empowers you to control every aspect of the media and playback on your devices.

Account based access to upload content to and from our cloud. Push updates anytime, wirelessly and effortlessly. See real time statistics of viewership and interactions.

Healthcare and Government

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Retailers Experiences

   Grocery to Big Box Retailers

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